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For Bareboat Charter Greek Port authorities define the minimum of one (1) valid off-shore sailing license/certificate plus one (1) experienced co-skipper.

This means that two members of the crew are necessary. However, it is not completely clear if the co-skipper is obliged to have a valid sailing license/certificate. It is only clear that the charterer in bareboat charter (you as a client) should be responsabile for the person you choose to state as a co-skipper. From our experience, in case of bareboat charter in Greece, we as a broker, have rarely been asked to provide and make sure that the client has a second member with a valid sailing license/certificate.

Licensing requirements for bareboat charters in Greece are summarized to those applicable for offshore, open sea sailing (>12nm) during day & night.

Subject to applicable Greek legislation, qualifications are to be approved by the local Port Authority on the day of departure. Charterer is at all times liable for suitability of his qualification and certification.

In general, sailing license or certificate which is valid for navigation in Greece is an official appropriate document issued by any Sailing Association or any other Marine Authority. It is usually a document with picture id on it.

Certificates may be rejected by Port Authority if, they have explicit limitation of sailing to less than 12 nautical miles from shore and/or explicit limitation of sailing to daylight only (for example RYA Day Skipper).

National sailing certificates as well as ASA, The NauticEd SLC, IYT, RYA certifications are recognized but a sailing experience declaration may be required by the local Port authorities for the skipper and co-skipper.

Daylight Certificates may be rejected by the Port Authority and holders of daytime licenses are advised to ensure they upgrade to offshore and nighttime license or at least obtain an International Certificate of Competence (ICC). Greece is not amongs the states that have adopted UN ECE IWC Resolution 40 but practically ICC (International Certificate of Competence) is accepted by Greek Port Authorities.

Typically, any holder of Day Skipper certificate can obtain their ICC from the yachting association that issued their Day Skipper certificate and the process usually requires nothing more than a simple application. Please note we advise to contact your yachting association in time for your trip (we suggest that you allow at least 20 days for the certificate to be issued).

Sometimes, and especially in case of co-skipper not having a valid sailing license, a ‘Declaration of Honour’ is necessary. Declaration of Honour is a document which needs to be filled out as a legal declaration to Greece Port Authority that a crew member is competent enough to co-skipper on a chartered yacht. A CV of a previous sailing experience might also be necessary.

We as a Broker and  our partners Charter Fleet Operator companies shall not be responsible if skipper certification is rejected by Greek Port Authority and Danielis Yachting reserves the right to enable the Charter Fleet Operator company to require that charterers hire a professional skipper, if their sailing skills and qualifications are deemed insufficient.

Sailing Licenses/Certificates which are NOT accepted by Greek Port Authority:

  • RYA Day Skipper (because of daylight sailing limitiations)
  • IYT - International Bareboat Skipper (because of daylight sailing limitiations)
  • Croatia sailing license type B (because of Adriatic Sea only limitation)

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