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Traveling is one of the most wonderful things a man can do. If you're not traveling, meeting new people, eating new food and exploring new cultures, you are revisiting a simple chapter in the book called „your life" and you're letting all of the other magnificent pages slip away.

Most people like to travel during the summer, not only because they have a vacation, but also because the weather is beautiful and they can commit to special activities like swimming, biking, hiking, walking...

However, there is a certain type of vacation that most people tend to find the most relaxing: traveling with a yacht. And Greece is perfect for yacht charter, sailing and island hopping.


Many scientists believe that water relaxes people and that we feel safe when around it, therefore many people enjoy it more than traveling through the country. We need to warn you right away, winds in Greece can get a bit overwhelming. We'll discuss more this later, but the long story made short: sailing around the Cyclades (and other islands in the similar position) will be safer during April and May, rather than July, August or September.

Many people decide to visit the Ionian area instead, where you can take a bath in the beautiful sea for any month. Corfu and Lefkada should be the way to go.

Why should Greece be your next destination?

We are pretty sure you have heard about the most wonderful country in southeastern Europe: Greece. If you haven't heard it, you probably missed your high school history classes! Greece is one of the oldest countries in the world and people that used to live there created innovations we wouldn't be able to live without today! For sailing, we recommend skippered yacht charter in Greece for the top experience.

Alexander the Great, Homer the Epic Poet, Socrates the Enigmatic Philosopher, Plato the Metaphysic Philosopher, Aristotle, Pericles, Solon Hippocrates... The list goes on and on: we could find a thousand people that made Greek's history richer and more valuable.

Because of this, Greece has many monuments, old buildings, sightings, churches... It is famous for its architecture, but it has been gaining popularity when it comes to food as well! People, there are very kind and will offer to help, but tourists mostly choose Greece as their next destination because of the following: extremely good prices, very beautiful nature, huge historical heritage and recently an increasing number of activities you can do.


2.  Where should I go?

We have created this list full of wonderful regions you can go to, visiting the beautiful coast of Greece and the islands surrounding the coast. Whether you're looking for bareboat or skippered yacht charter in Greece, we've got your back.

Keep in mind that Greece can get a bit windy. Between June and September, Greece is all „covered“ in etesians (meltemi). These are period winds that can create a lot of trouble for those who are sailing for the first time. Keep in mind that beginners should not expose themselves to those for their own safety.

If you're visiting Greece during July or August, we would suggest you avoid the Cyclades and the Dodecanese because winds there can be really tough to bear with. On the other hand, the winds in the Ionian zone are nonexsistent during this time and it would be a good idea to visit Corfu, Lefkada, Cefalonia or Zakynthos.

Many people who love kite surfing decide to visit Paros or the Cyclades in the summer, during these windy months. If you feel like an expert, you can visit the islands at any given time, but keep in mind that you should be safe!

Yacht charter in Greece should be your first choice if you want to sail the Mediterranean sea!


The first region includes the islands Cyclades, Dodecanese, Ikaria, and Samos. These are some of the most popular groups of islands in south Aegean. In some of these islands, you can also find yachts available for charter.

Wonderful bleached rocks and turquoise looking sea will surely leave an impact on you! Nature is incredible as well: the trees are proof of the country's climate. They are bent from the wind, yet still standing strong. If you are into partying and you wish to create some noise, we suggest Ios and Paros as your next destinations. For those of you who prefer to be quiet and explore the area, we would say Delos is the way to go.

Naxos and Samos are a great choice for nature lovers because they are greener than the rest of the islands and the flora is much richer, yet Nisyros is a true volcanic island that's a favorite for many geologists. We suggest July and August if you are visiting this area: the islands truly live during this time.


The second region we'll investigate a bit is the Peloponnese coast. Islands here are smaller and closer to each other, which makes it perfect for hopeless romantics who want a bit of space. This is called the Argorasonic and it is minimalistic when compared to the previous regions since it's not that rich in tourism: it focuses more on nature.

However, there are some ancient sights you can check out if that's what you're into Athens, Corinth, Mycenae (you must have heard of this one), Tirins, Epidavros, Afaia, Mystras... Keep in mind that north winds can appear in this area and you can't really expect to know the exact climate. However, September is the way to go if you'll be visiting this region: fewer tourists, more personal time.

The third region is the Ionian and the Gulf of Corinth. Check out Google maps if you're not sure where these are. This area differs from the previously mentioned because it has been historically more popular and therefore many nations came to contact with it and left an impact. If you are looking for a yacht charter in Greece this is the right place!


The Hellenic architecture is the most popular amongst tourists: Olympia, Roman ruins and various forts from ancient times. Charter bases you should look for are at Corfu and Lefkas.

So many things can be seen in this region: the place where Mark Anthony battled Octavius, the place where many philosophy books were created... We won't give it all away, but keep in mind that May and October are the best months for these areas.


Last, but certainly not least, we will be mentioning the northern Aegean and Evia. This is a major sailing area and it's perfect for those who don't want to end up in tourist crowds.

The islands here are pretty close together and therefore the sailors can be a bit busy: it takes time to maneuver the sea. You should check out Limnos, Lesvos, Chios and similar islands, but keep in mind that most charter bases are at Skiathos, Volos, and Thessaloniki.

You can be flexible with this one, though, because all the way from mid-May to mid-October is a good time to visit the area. Those who don't have much control over their vacation time should surely look into this one.


Conclusion about yacht charters in Greece

We hope you got the idea of what it's like to sail around wonderful Greece. There are so many things to see and you can surely create a really full, fun holiday for yourself, your friends, your family, and your lover depends on who you want to experience this adventure with. Keep in mind that prices change depending on the region and that you should take good care about the weather before you decide to „take a swim" and do a bareboat sailing holiday in Greece. Have fun and enjoy your yacht sailing experience in Greece!

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