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If you're even a bit familiar with Europe's history, you probably know a bunch of things is related to the ancient, traditional times. Greece came up with many concepts people around the world took and transformed into their own, becoming one of the world's most significant nations. A cradle of democracy, as they say.

Besides great food, philosophers and beautiful words, people from Greece also built wonderful towns that you can visit when on holidays. One of the best things about this little country is the fact that the prices are very cheap.

Over the last few decades, sailing holidays in Greece are very popular. If you like the sea and wish to live the true ambient of the Mediterranean coast, you should surely check out these wonderful places.


You have probably heard about the famous temples of the Sargolic gulf. They create a triangle full of other monuments and interesting cultural sights. The temples are often crowded, so you'll have to watch out. The Acropolis of Athens is an ancient citadel you'll have to see, the famous temple of Poseidon is a wonderful architectural beauty located at Cape Sounion, and the third is the temple of Afea (Aphaia) on island Aegina. It's a bit less known, but still a wonderful sighting.

To make locations of the historic sights easier to remember, we will talk about 10 locations where you should stop on your sailing holidays in Greece.

1. Santorini


One of the most beautiful islands in the Aegean Sea should truly be your number one destination to visit. It's one of the beautiful Cyclades islands and, although volcanos created a bunch of trouble for it through history, it's one of the most popular tourist destinations. If you are looking for bareboat charter in Greece you should visit Santorini.

The well-known white houses with blue details overlook the turquoise sea and leave a great impression. Food is also great, but we won't give any secrets away.

What should you check out when there? Well, don't miss out on Fira, the capital. There are a lot of museums there as well, including the Archeological Museum with various displays from Dorian, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine times.

Museum of Prehistoric Thira will help you understand how weapons, figurines, architecture, and art changed through time, but if you really want to get to know Santorini, you should check out its geological background on the Red Beach. The fascinating red cliff wall will leave you breathless, and also help you understand how ceramics started out in Santorini.

2. Lefkada


This is an island in the Ionian Sea and there is actually a causeway that connects it to the mainland. Some of Greece's most famous beaches are here: Porto Katsiki, Egremni... Beware of the wonderful cliffs and the emerald waters.

If you can go to the Faneromeni Monastery, you can encounter wonderful animals and get a glimpse of the peaceful, idyllic ambient. If you're more of a „still nature“ person, you should check out the ancient walls in Nirikos: these have been here since Lefkas was founded (7th century BC)!

The archaeological site of Nydri, circular tombs found from the Bronze Age, surely do catch one's attention. The churchyard of Agios Kirikos in Athani also revealed many excavations: those connect to ancient shrines and religions.

3. Corfu Island


The northwest coast of the Ionian Sea has the best of both worlds: giant mountains and the clearest sea of Europe one beside the other. This is a very popular choice for honeymoons since it feels more private and secluded, but you can also find a lot of historical monuments like the French-style arcades, medieval lanes...

Many like to visit the Museum of Asian Art as well. Don't forget to try their olives and do some water exercises! The Achillion Palace is surely everyone's favorite, though, for it was built by a famous Empress of Austria: Elisabeth of Bavaria. This palace is a work of art by Caritto, a famous architect, who came up with the wonderful gardens and the bronze sculptures you can see through the whole temple.

The Mon Repos Palace is on top of the Analipsis Hill and it was built right next to the remains of ancient Corfu (the town itself), which means you can check both out.

However, Kassiopi Fortress was very important during wars and therefore history lovers usually visit it. The town and the fortress date back to 3rd century BC and the castle had to be fortified to many nations who then left their architectural signs: Ottoman Turks, Venetians...

Achilleion is a palace from the 1800s and it includes various art and a wonderful set of gardens!

Palaiokastritsa is a complex made of beaches, caves, palaces... It's a true fairytale that you get to live by walking through it.

4. Kefalonia


Now we're talking... If you're looking for a wonderful adventure on your sailing holidays in Greece, this island should be one of your priorities. Those who like to cruise should check out the Melissani Cave: a scenic subterranean lake.

You've maybe heard that Greece has beaches with white sand. Those are made from cliffs that rubbed of during time. A true example would be the wonderful Myrtos Beach which is located in the region of Pylaros, in the north-west of Kefalonia island.

5. Dodecanese


These islands are in the southeastern Aegean Sea and they are really rich with culture since they were always a market station for many nations through history.

Therefore there are archaeological museums, like the ancient temple called Ascpleion. Visit the wonderful Valley of the Butterflies where nature shows that it is truly aligned with the man. Filerimos is a wonderful hill visited by those who like spectacular views.

The Medieval Nerantziá Castle and the Agora marketplace are for history lovers! So much to see and never enough time! The Palace of Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes is one of those 7th-century citadels that look like they're straight from Game of Thrones! It was built during the Byzantine Empire and it is on UNESCO's list of famous monuments.

Plaka Forest is usually a great place to spend time while on your sailing holidays in Greece if you're a lover of animals. Beautiful peacocks and little kittens will guide you through the relaxing scenery.

6. Skiathos


Skiathos is one of those towns that buzzes with young life! Nightclubs, skinny-dipping, fun shows and a lot of action are going on here. It's an island in the northwest Aegean Sea and it has one of the world's most beautiful beaches: Paralia Lalaria. It has been in so many geographical magazines that we lost count!

Sea caves, hiking trails, pine forests, wonderful beaches, quiet places, and crowded restaurants... This island has it all! Monastero di Panagia Evangelistria is the most famous monastery of Skiathos, built in 1797, but thoroughly finished in 1806. The Turkish ruled here for some time, but it stayed devoted to its homeland, keeping the tradition safe and sound.

7. Milos


One of the reasons why sailing holidays Greece is so much popular search term on Google is Milos! It is a volcanic island in the Aegean Sea which makes it very special for geography lovers and must visit on sailing holidays in Greece. It is a great combination of geographical knowledge that you can get at the Sarakinko beach, for example, where volcanic cliffs take place and historical knowledge: visit the catacombs of Milos to find out more. Paliochori Beach is a beach with geothermal properties, which makes it great therapy.

If you've never been to a Sand Museum, let us introduce you with the concept. This museum has sand from all over the world: it has been analyzed and put into art. The owner is a geologist who always likes to meet new people and share his experiences!

If you're more into history than geography, the Agia Paraskevi Church may be your go-to. It contains various architectural traces from the Ottoman empire, although it didn't thoroughly live that vibe during the building.

8. Paros


This is a typical Greek island with all of Greek's best and most wonderful qualities. It's located in the Aegean Sea and, during the summer, you will notice a bunch of couples having their honeymoon there!

Traditional villages will give you that „welcome home" vibe and the wonderful Byzantine church called Panagia Ekatontapiliani will surely leave you shocked! Wonderful beaches, museums, and great food are luring you in: visit Paros.

The Delion Sanctuary is dedicated to Apollo and Artemis and it's a simple-looking sanctuary that has a gorgeous view! Many people like to bring around wine and watch the sunset. If you're into the Venetian era, there is a wonderful Venetian Fortress in Naoussa. Although it is small, it is pretty impressive and you can feel refreshed by the waves hitting the fortress.

On your sailing holidays in Greece, you should visit two more islands: Laurium and Ithaca.

9. Laurium


One of Greek's most popular towns in this one: rich in silver mines that you can rarely see. The Archaeological Museum of Lavrion will show you all of the beautiful inventions this culture came up with by using nature's gifts from the town.

Don't forget Sounion, one of the world's most wonderful historic temples and columns by the water. The romantic vibe you're getting here and from the temple of Poseidon (built in 5th century BCE) will surely amaze you.

The Mineral Museum of Michigan (in Houghton, USA) will surely create a spark of joy in geology lovers: a lot of os rocks and gems, minerals and jewels are presented with a lot of educational information: you can get to know the land that Greece is built on.

9. Ithaca


Last, but not the least, is the wonderful Ithaca you have probably heard of. It's a small island in the Ionian Sea that became famous thanks to the classic tale of Odysseus whose home was right here. Visit the wonderful beaches like the Filiatro beach, the Paralia Gidaki beach (which is a romantic, secluded beach) and the Afales beach, famous for Homer's presence.

We're giving you a little extra heads up about another wonderful island, Hydra, which is famous for the fact that it hasn't been „ruined“ by humans yet. It has very little roads, basically, no cars and you can check it out the way it has looked during the Byzantine and Venetian era, as well as the Ottoman era.

This is why sailing holidays Greece is so popular Google term, because of these 10 islands.

Your Sailing Holiday in Greece will be the one to remember!

You’ll maybe pass the Corinth Canal, which is about 6.5 kilometers long and enjoys the wonderful geological sightings. It has first been used in July of 1893 as an official canal, but it has been used from 7th century BC by merchants.


Greece should surely be one of the top destinations to visit for everyone: single people and couples. It's a great honeymoon choice and it's even better to have a sailing holiday where you can enjoy the beautiful, turquoise water of Greece and find yourself meditating on the peaceful shore.

Low prices, great hotels, awesome cuisine, and kind people are the things that should convince you. If we didn't convince you, though, check out the pictures of these wonderful destinations. Have a wonderful sailing holiday in Greece and take care!

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