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After you decide to book a certain boat, the payment process begins.

Payment options we support are:

1) Bank transfer

2) Credit Card*

*in case of credit card payment additional credit card fee is applied in the amount of 5.5% on top of the offered charter price.

So, after you are sure you want to rent a particular boat previously offered, we will keep that particular boat reserved (optioned) for you for the period from 3 to 7 days, and within that time you should make the first payment in order to confirm your reservation. All the terms and conditions of your charter, along with the payment instructions and due times will be explained in the contract (our 'Booking confirmation agreement' ) we will send you prior to your payment confirmation.

The standard amount needed to confirm your reservation is 50% of the charter price. It should be paid within 3 – 7 days upon receival of, and according to the 'Booking confirmation agreement'. The remaining 50% is usually due one month or 30 days prior to your charter time (embarkation).

If your charter should begin in less than 60 days than the whole amount (100% of the charter price) should be paid in advance at once, and with this payment, the charter is confirmed and completed.

Additional costs

In our offers (quotes) and in our 'Booking confirmation agreements' you will note that there are some additional costs mentioned, and that in some cases those costs need to be paid directly on the spot, when you arrive at a marina to pick up the boat, usually in cash.

Those additional costs usually include final cleaning of the boats, transit log's (transit log is the paperwork that needs to be done before every new crew embarks, crew lists with crew information need to be sent to official authorities etc.), tourist tax, refundable security deposits, and all or some of the extra options you have chosen (for example outboard engine, extra sails like spinnaker or gennaker and members of the hired crew in some cases).

However, all those extra additional costs will be clearly stated in our offers and in the 'Booking confirmation agreements' as well as the ways to pay for them.

Extra costs you will have during the cruise which are NOT mentioned in our offers and 'Booking confirmation agreements' :

Extra costs you will have during your cruise, and which are usually not mentioned in our offers or in the 'Booking confirmation agreements' are fuel, port fees and food, drinks and extra activities you might have during the cruise.


Fuel is something we don't charge in advance because the system is the same as when you rent a car. You get the boat with the full fuel tanks, and this way should be returned. So, the cost will vary depending on the size of the boat and its engines, and the range of the cruise you have made. Before you return the boat to the marina, you should stop on the gas station and refuel the tanks to the top. For sailing boats and sailing catamarans, the cost for fuel generally varies from € 100 - € 300 per week for sailing boats and € 200 - € 500 for sailing catamarans.

Port fees

Harbour fees in Greece vary from port to port, but in Greece they tend to be really small compared to Croatia or elsewhere in the western Med. Marinas and ports in Greece don't have such a developed infrastructure regarding mooring lines, electricity and water, so they are cheaper. In some ports in Greece you might pay as low as 5€ per night per boat. However, be ready to anchor and than dock, without the mooring line attached to the bow. In general, in Greece you should count on 10€ - 50€ per night per boat.  

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